Why you got into the health and fitness industry?

I have always been interested in health and fitness and it was an easy transition to make when changing career from trackwork rider to PT.

Career goals and type of trainer you wish to become?

To be one of the leading female trainers on the GC and Myfit to be the known as one of the best holistic wellness centres on the GC.

Want to be a respected strength, conditioning and also lifestyle coach.

Training Specialities:

· Cert III & IV in fitness

· Kettlebell Assoc. Level 1 & 2

· Clean Health Fitness institute nutrition level 1,2 & 3

· Clean Health Fitness institute performance coach level 1 & 2

· FMA strength & conditioning 

Self Development:

· Tony Robbins UPW and Date with Destiny

· Landmark forum 1

Favourite Exercise?

Bench press

Favourite Quote?

"Do today what your future self will thank you for."

Personal Interests?

Horses, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Travel, Foodie




Hi, I’m Mel.

I’m the one you can contact if you have a question about anything gym or membership related.

I have completed my Cert III and IV in fitness and I love being in the gym environment. There are so many great people here at Myfit, staff and members.

I’m a mum of 2 so I get the struggles with having to juggle everything and still make time for yourself, especially to train. We need to remind ourselves sometimes that we need to come first, if we’re happy and healthy then that has a flow on effect with the family.

Come in to the gym and say hi. If i’m not behind the front desk, you might find me in a class.

See you soon!



Why you got into the health and fitness industry?

I was a dance teacher for over 10 years and always enjoyed teaching and working with my students of all ages and abilities. After taking a break from dancing I turned my focus to the gym where I found my new passion.

Career goals and type of trainer you wish to become?

I am very interested in Pilates. As for my career goals I want to use both my business skills and passion for fitness to help build the Myfit brand to its full potential and launch our Lifestyle Retreats overseas.

Accreditation & Courses:

· HPC Cert III & IV

· Diploma of business and management

· Dance Cert IV

· Cheerleading Registered Coach

· Breakdance safe certification

· Gymnastics level 1-3 coach

Favourite Exercise?


Favourite Quote?

Nothing worth having comes easy.

Personal Interests?

Shopping, Dance, Gym

Why you got into the health and fitness industry_Being introduced to health & fitness turned my life around for the better and I wanted to be able to provide that experience to as many people as possible. I want to c.png