Nutritional Coaching

Nutrition is one of the key factors for obtaining optimal health and vitality. It is a major player in improving performance and achieving amazing body composition results. Whether it is gaining lean muscle or losing body fat, we will tailor a nutrition plan to suit your goals. Although nutrition is a very controversial topic, with the right guidance the process of getting your nutrition and your health on track becomes easier.

Nutrition aids in the processes of building muscle, reducing body fat, regulating hormones, detoxification and cleansing the body and vital organs so they can function at optimal levels, and aids in repairing and rejuvenating the whole body both internally and externally.

Nutrition isn’t just about following a basic plan although that may work in some instances. To obtain optimal health with a long-term sustainable option there a many factors that needs to be considered. This requires specific information to ensure you are on the right plan that suits you and your lifestyle.

Some key principles Myfit focuses on to optimise you health through nutrition are:

Wholefoods – These are essential as wholefoods are the basis of all natural micronutrients, they are the key nutrients in order for the body to effectively cleanse and detoxify allow our bodies to function properly and eradicate disease if necessary

Good quality protein sources – These are the basis of all nutritional plans as most of our body are made up of high amounts of lean muscles mass its important to aid the growth and repair needed from the damage created from strength and conditioning.

Balancing macro nutrients – A all of our body types and compositions are different not one plan fits all, having specific ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fats are essential to optimise your health and your results.

Calories- Now not as these are entirely essential to monitor for health but they are crucial for the ability of our body to either gain lean muscles and lose body fat, manipulating these over a period of time will allow our body to make the necessary changes needed.

Gut health – As your gut is the most important area to focus on, it’s the foundation of where our body absorbs the micronutrients needed for many processes in the body. If we can't absorb these micronutrients affectively then our bodies become deficient causing many health problems over time.

Nutritional programming – As we said not one size fits all and this is where the right programming of your nutrition will ensure your body is functioning at its optimal levels along with making sure you are getting the correct results. Programming also allows us to see what’s is working and what isn’t working and allows us to give you a more personalised approach making sure your nutrition is entirely specific for you.

Supplementation – We take a different approach to supplementation then most other coaches, we believe that supplements are there to compliment your nutrition not replace it. Which is why we will always focus on wholefoods first as the foundation for your program. Now not to say supplements aren’t important or don’t play a vital role because they do. Sometimes in order for us to get the body to an optimal level as fast as possible then supplements can be used in this process to ensure your results are on track. We only source the best quality supplement from around the globe to make sure what you put in your body you only get the best benefits from.

At Myfit we make nutrition simple, we believe that education and coaching is the key to the success of your results but also keeping you accountable to your nutrition and ensuring your health is our upmost priority.

We are here to support you along the way with allied nutritional professionals to give you the tools and resources you need to feel great and look great.

If you're looking at taking your health to the next level or even just getting on the right track with your nutrition, book in a consult with one of our experienced nutritional coaches.