Body Composition Analysis Testing 

Only $20 for a scan and 20 minute consult. $10 for Personal Training Clients.

When we are talking about results, it is imperative to make sure testing is measurable and highly accurate. At Myfit it is our goal to get you the very best results possible with the most accurate testing technology in the industry. By using our Global Bodies Body Composition Analysis Machine we are able to accurately determine the following:

· Skeletal Muscle Mass, Soft Lean Mass, Lean Body Mass

· Intracellular Water, Extracellular

· Water and Total Body Water

· Bone Mineral Content and Protein Mass

· Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Fat Level, Subcutaneous/ Visceral Fat Mass (in kg)

· Visceral Fat area, Prediction of Abdominal Fat (for the next 20 years)

· A Nutritional Assessment, Edema Index

· A Segmental Analysis (each limb for muscular imbalances and fluid retention)

· Blood Pressure (optional)

· B.M.R and Total Energy Expenditure

· Body Cell Mass, Waist Hip Ratio

· Age Match to Body (fitness age), Target to Control

All this information can help us determine how your body composition is responding to your training and nutritional programming, and make sure it’s working effectively to maximise your results. We emphasise the importance of programming regular testing every 4 weeks, to identify any areas needing modification to ensure progression is always made.